BIG WEBSITES for Small Business

About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Working in the Internet since 1997, specialising in micro and small business


Started business as an ISP based in Blacktown NSW


We provided Internet, network and desktop support for small and micro businesses and grew from a staff of one to 4.


Major changes to the I.T. Industry forced some extraordinary changes to the business


In combination with the 9/11 issues the software environment stabilised to the point where there were massive job losses in the industry


By 2006 JAG Systems was purely a website development company


Staff efficiencies allowed us to grow and diversify


JAG Systems now runs it's own dedicated servers in Canada


Maxmised productivity and provided a fast ROI for clients with CMS-based sites


Ultra well established service business


Providing a full house of website services including, sites, carts, SEO and more to a wide range of clients


Got a question?  Here’s the answers to the most common ones we encounter…

Most certainly.  We are a certified reseller for TTP Wholesale.  We will help you select an appropriate name and register it on your behalf.  You will retain ownership of the domain name as well and we can manage the reregistrations as they come due (every 2 years).

In all honesty we can’t answer that until we have a lot more information about your business and what you want to achieve with your website. It can go from $1000 for a basic site to several $’000 if you are looking at a comprehensive shopping system – but whatever the result, you will get great value for your investment.

Great question and the answer is yes, and no. Have a read through our SEO pages for more information.

Yep. No problem as long as we can access the hosting service management app so we can upload the new website. Prior to that we can build the site offline so it is complete and ready to go.

WordPress and Joomla both have auto-updates but we generally don’t allow the sites to do that.  We test any upgrades that come through prior to applying them so that we know it won’t interfere with your site operation.

Emails are attached to your domain name so if you are hosting your domain with us then for sure, you get email addresses. It’s a professional approach and that’s the way we work.

As long as there is no COVID restriction in place and you are within a reasonable distance, yes.  It’s important to us to understand your business so we prefer our initial discussion to be face-to-face so that we get to know you and you get to know us.

One paragraph of who you are and what you do is not enough as I cannot guess what you want in the website, but I will suggest what you need to have in it.  The website is the face of your business so think about how you want your customers to think of you.  Then write it all down.  Better to have too much than not enough.

We’ve been in business for well over 20 years and all that time has been in the service of micro, small and medium organisations, and it’s been a huge range of businesses that we have helped. To us, building your website is just one part of the entire “product” and that revolves around good knowledge and a great relationship.