JAG Systems is a small, family owned and operated website design, development and management business.  We have been in the industry since 1997 and specialising in websites since 2003.  We run our business very happily and successfully from home and we keep many, many small and micro businesses totally satisified with our service. We only service small and micro business because we are one!

As a customer I like to have a personal experience when purchasing, from someone who knows their stuff and who is not out to sell, sell, sell. Isn't that what you want? I'll buy when I am confident that I have been given good information and am happy that the person giving that information is not just out for my money.  Then I am happy to pay the price.  That's what I expect.  If you expect the same then we have the same attitudes and I've found that THAT is why you and I can work together.  I, and JAG Systems won't take your business unless I am happy that we can do what you need. AND you get to talk to me, the guy who builds the site.  Not someone in India.