Started business as an ISP based in Blacktown NSW called I.T. Lite Pty Ltd servicing business clients.  We provided network and desktop support for small and micro businesses and grew from a staff of one to 4.


Still a completely home-based business, JAG Systems continued to grow and maximise it's efficiency.  We now work almost entirely in CMS products like Joomla and Wordpress and build cart systems in OSCommerce.


Major changes to the I.T. Industry forced some extraordinary changes to the business.  In combination with the 9/11 issues the software environment stabilised to the point where there were massive job losses in the industry. 


JAG Systems now runs it's own dedicated servers in Canada. This is the strongest way to support our clients to ensure they have a bullet-proof business website.


By 2006 JAG Systems was almost purely a website development company.  The staff consisted of myself, Glenn with casual support from Alicia.