Setting up email accounts

When you get a new device you need to set up the email on it.

With so many different devices and programs to collect email with, rather than try and explain each individually (a full time job), it is best to search the Internet (Google is an excellent resource for this purpose) to find specific tutorials and guides about setting up email for your specific device.  The configuration information you will need is supplied by JAG Systems:


Email address/Account name

Password (must be complex)

Incoming mail server: mail.(yourdomainname) OR

The outgoing mail server should always be your ISP's mail server


Note:  If you want to make the connection secure, tick the SSL option and in that case you MUST make the incoming server


The type of account you choose when setting the account up will depend on your requirements but we STRONGLY recommend it being a POP3 mail account as this can download all the mail to your device and then clear the mailbox leaving you space to get more mail.  If you set it up as an IMAP account you stand a BIG risk of filling up you mailbox as this type of account synchronises with the server mailbox and leaves a copy on the server.  IMAP accounts do not clear the mailbox unless you delete and then purge unwanted emails from your device. You can read more about IMAP vs POP mail accounts HERE.