Google is not what it used to be!

When Google was a private company and you could list your website using your choice of keywords, it was great for everyone.

Now it's publicly listed and thousands of people (shareholders) expect to get the pay off.  That means no more free rides for website owners.

You are mad if you are thinking your brand new, small business website is going to bring in hundreds of customers in the first week.  How can it?  No one except you and a few friends and associates even know you have a website.  And getting it in Google in it's organic listings takes weeks, if you are lucky.  Once upon a time it was almost instantaneous but not now.  You want it up now?  Then take out a Google Adwords program - but be prepared. We've  calculates that the minimum cost to get any sort of value out of Adwords is $20/day.  That's $600/mth or so.  Adword campaigns contribute to the shareholder value, but not necessarily yours. See even if someone clicks on your link they are not always after your product and if they are they don't always go through the website except to find where you are and what your phone number is.  A good website of course is key to making sales but a good website is reliant on good content, that's why you need to provide me with info when I build your site. 

Google changes it's ranking algorithms for organic listings (those that are not paying $'s in a Google advertising program) on a regular basis to do 2 things.  One is to determine the value of the website by the viewers interest in it (the number of clicks the site gets and the number of inbound links to the site) and the 2nd is to encourage website owners to spend money on advertising programs.  And then you get the one off changes that throw everything askew.  Read about the change to dump non-reponsive websites HERE.