The famous Domain Names "invoice"

If you've got a website, you've definitely received one of these "invoices".

This mob has been around in one form or another for as many years as I have been in business and it's the same old scenario, issuing what looks like an invoice for a domain name that you don't actually own.  But, the name of the domain is very similar and many, many people just simply pay because it is familiar. Bazinga!  Gotcha!  You now have paid an exorbitant price, generally around $249 for a domain you never had and are never likely to use.  And guess what?  Next year you get a renewal.

If you have me manageing yoru webiste and domain names then you wil only ever receive an invoice from, JAG Systems for your domain renewal and only for $40 for 2 years.

Got one of these invoices?  The bin is and appropriate storage place.