Unsolicited marketing and SEO emails

Every day I get maybe 5, 6 emails all wanting to make my website number 1 in search engine rankings.  They apparently don't even look at my website to determine that's what I do???!!!  That alone tells me that they have no interest whatsoever in my business but are merely trying to suck $$$'s out of me.  Whether they actually do anything other than take your money is an unknown quantity because there is no real way that you can check to see if any adjustments they may make actually work.



So how do you know if it's a scam?  Well the first thing is to look at the email address they are using.  If it's not a company (a genuine company) email address it's probably a gmail one.  I recently got one from Stacey at Dominics WebNetwork and the email address used is staceygodfrey8@gmail.com.  Now why send it from that when she(?) is supposedly representing a legitimate business.  So I did a Google lookup on the company name and guess what?  It doesn't even show up!  So much for their SEO capabilities.  If I was to buy their services I'd at least expect it to be working for them.  Next I looked up webnetworks.com.au and it's just a directory listing.


Now you have to ask yourself, if I can't find this mob on the Net, and they purport themselves to be SEO specialists, then where are they and do they actually exist?  My determination...  Nup.  It's a scam.


I've have one customer who got caught with a legitimate (and I say this lightly only because the company did exit) SEO process several years ago (this was before she came to me) that guaranteed her website to be top 3 for only $500/year.  Funny though because whenever she checked the site was never top 3. The thing is she couldn't stop the annual billing of her credit card for the $500 because the contract stated that she could only cancel in the 2 weeks prior to renewal.  Just goes to show you should be very, very careful.


Since I took over her site has been virtually top of the list without paying a cent.  Purely organic.


My advice:  DO NOT trust a contact via email.  EVER!