Creating an email address in cPanel

Follow these steps to create an email address and mailbox in cPanel.

Log in to cPanel

Open your web browser and go to the URL http://www.yourdomainname/cpanel (but change that to your domain name of course)

This will open the window:


(Note the URL changes to

Enter your login name and password and click Log in.

The main cPanel screen opens.


Click on the Email Accounts icon in the Mail section


This opens the Email Manager


This screen allows you to add a new account and also to view any existing accounts.

Creating a new account

Add the user name into the Email field

Enter a password or use the password generator to create one for you.  (Note:  the password must exceed 50/100 points before it will be accepted.)

Leave the Mailbox quota set at 250Mb unless you are very sure that it should be something else.  We STRONGLY recommend that you DO NOT make it an Unlimited account. Note!! These quotas have a direct effect on the total storage capacity of your hosting account and can cause your website and email to go offline if the total is exceeded.

Click the Create Account button to add the new account to the list.  It is now active.

Now you can configure your email account on your device to connect to your new mailbox .  We suggest that when you do create the email account on yoru device, if it is possible, make it a POP3 account unless you are a small email user.  Read more about the differences between IMAP and POP3 HERE.