Domain Names

Domain Name Registration
Have no idea how to organise a domain name for your business?  Then leave it to us!

We'll help you decide on a name and then register it on your behalf, and most importantly, in your name!  For full information on your rights as a Domain Name Registrant, visit the ICANN Registrant's Benefits and Responsibilities webpage or visit auDA for Australian specific information.

Registration of a domain name is the first step in getting your business onto the Web. A domain name will give your business a "location" on the Web for potential customers to visit and find out about your products and services. Registering a domain name is done through a Registrar who will licence the domain name to you for a period of 2 years. Some Registrars are now offering 3 or more years at discounted rates.

Deciding on a good domain name is the most difficult process as the name must reflect your company name for it to be effective. It's no good having a domain name like if your business name is Joe Smith Electrical Service. If you have an existing business then you should do your utmost to get a domain name the same - but sometimes that is not easy. Quite often the domain name you want is already taken (no, you don't automatically have rights to use the name) so you may need to use an alternative. We can help you with this and search through various databases to find whether a name is available or not. That's part of the service when you register through JAG Systems.

Unlike many other companies, when we register a domain name on your behalf we make sure that YOU are the registrant - not us. That's important because if you ever decide to move your domain you have the authority to do so. Many people get caught out by NOT having their domain registered in their own or company name. If this happens it's a dog's breakfast trying to wrest control back. We have had to do this many times on behalf of our customers and the delays are sometimes quite painful and costly.

Once you do get your domain name we can then get it onto the Internet properly via a process called delegation. Delegation is when we create the domain site on our webservers and then tell the computers controlling the Internet where that server is. Once that becomes active - usually within minutes but sometimes up to 2 days later - your website can be seen and your business email used. To delegate a domain we have to know which Registrar it was registered through and the domain access information (username and password) for the domain. You can normally change the delegation of your domain yourself through your Registrar but you have to know the process - not difficult but it's another task that you really don't need to worry about.

If you do register your domain name through JAG Systems we will manage the renewals so you don't have to worry about "fake" invoices from dodgey dealers.

If we register a Domain name on yourbehalf it will be listed in the JAG Systems account at the Registrar but you will receive individual login details should you choose to change the delegation and leave JAG.

Cost for 2 years registration through JAG Systems is $50 inc GST.