Micro Business Hosting

Designed for micro businesses that do not do a lot of work online but do need email.

Not every business needs or wants a website but every business DOES need a proper email address.  joebloggs@bigpond.com just doesn't cut it compared to sales@joebloggs.com.au so when you host your domain name with us we automatically set up your business email address.  For example let's say you have the domain name joesrestaurant.com.au and you allow us to host it. We configure a mail server for you so that you can have email addresses like, eat @ joesrestaurant.com.au or burgers @ joesrestaurant.com.au, whatever you want.  There is really no limit to how many you can have.

The advantage of having your own email server is that your business looks a lot more professional.  You can also manage your own email accounts and you can access them via Webmail too.

These accounts are self managed, i.e. you run them yourself (set up email accounts, etc) through cPanel.

Monthly inclusions:   

    cPanel management application
    15 x domain email mailboxes
    Unlimited mailbox aliases
    Spam Assassin
    500Mb storage
    100Mb traffic

Account setup fee (one off):     $ 55

Hosting fee per month:     $ 15