Having a Domain Name is only half the process. Now you have to put it somewhere.

The term "hosting" means storing your Domain Name on an Internet-connected computer (server).  You can get your domain hosted almost anywhere but not everyone provides the quality of service that we do.  Being totally business-focused means we structure our hosting rates to fit in with your business needs so you can pick the one that suits you. Note: all prices listed include GST.

JAG Systems runs it's own servers based in Canada using the latest hardware.  The systems are Linux on an x86_64 architecture running Apache version 2.2.29, MySQL version 5.5.42cli, PHP version 5.3.29.  These are the latest and most stable versions to date.  We do not take risks with our platform when you need total business reliance, and only upgrade when we know that new versions are better, more stable and totally reliable.  We also need to ensure that your application will run under any new versions.